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Paragon Steel Website Redesign

News Date : 05-04-2010 01:10:00 PM   

Welcome To The New Paragon Steel Website


We will constantly be making upgrades and enhancements to the website so please check back frequently to see added features.


If you have input on things you would like to see please use the submit feedback link at the top of this page.


Current Features that are in place:


  • External Available Inventory  and Remnant Lists - are now available to the customer in a real time.


Currently Testing or in Design Process:


  • Customer Inventory Lists – All customers will be able to pull available inventory reports. Report is both viewable on the web and exportable to an Excel format that will be more efficient for the customers to use. On the web format any coil that shows on this list links back to that coils chemical properties that have been recorded in our system. Allowing a customer to pull any chem for the coils that they currently own. Please refrain from using these chemical properties as a certification, these references are for informational purposes only. If you find the need to have an actual Chemical Cert please contact your Paragon Steel Sales representative and they will provide the appropriate documentation.


  • Customer Upcoming Changes – Chemical property Searches for All Material Owned or Sold To the current logged in customer. Past 90 days Bill of Ladings, and Releases for current logged in customers. Allowing the Customer to print off all needed material direct from the portal.


All feedback or suggestion are greatly appreciated and can be submitted by clicking the Submit Feedback link at the top of this page.